We make ROI simple.

Verisma Release Manager is our quick-to-deploy ROI Automation System that requires minimal IT support or software investment. We incorporate next-generation technology design with highly trained teams of ROI, IT, legal, and business experts to facilitate the secure electronic exchange of patient records better than any other solution available today. Verisma has the only release technology with integrated HIPAA guidance and compliance review support. We are Meaningful Use and esMD Gateway certified.


VerismaWorkflow is an advanced workflow engine that efficiently automates what is often a manually driven, costly process. Our patented workflow engine drives down ROI costs and increases compliance by embedding HIPAA and business process rules and providing step-by-step guidance. A detailed audit trail is captured and a copy of every transaction, including data and images, is easily retrievable for all requests processed.


VerismaQA ensures Health Information Management departments decrease error rates and prevent processing issues during the request cycle, while providing real-time error correction and reporting. Rather than random after-the-fact QA sampling, Verisma’s Multi-Stage QA methodology offers a 100% review via embedded HIPAA compliance to enable an accurate and efficient process.

Verisma Analytics

Verisma Analytics provides exceptional transparency for all metrics related to ROI using analytics to drive proactive decision-making, rather than reactive corrections. All Release of Information processes can be evaluated with Verisma Analytics, which offers comprehensive analytics for:

  • Production (volume trends by date range)
  • Turnaround times (average turnaround times by various workflow steps)
  • Compliance (process errors caught and corrected prior to distribution)
  • Financials (billing & collections)

Verisma EMR Integration Module

Verisma EMR Integration Module eliminates dual data entry via a complete closed loop, bi-directional integration with your existing EMR system(s) with minimal IT time commitment. The Verisma EMR Integration Module accepts data from an EMR ROI module, auto-populates Verisma Release Manager and auto-feeds completed information back to close out the EMR ROI request.