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“At Northwell, we set out on a mission to personalize the patient experience across our 600-plus ambulatory locations. Verisma helped turn our patient-first vision into a reality. Their highly innovative platform, their ability to quickly create new ground-breaking solutions, and their true day-to-day operational partnership has allowed us to implement a process that has already improved the way we engage with our patients.”

– Shawn Ingram, HIM Director, Northwell Health Ambulatory

“Patients are increasingly engaged when it comes to healthcare. Organizations like mine are committed to delivering the best possible patient experience from admission to discharge and beyond. Verisma Request App™ helps us make the task of requesting records simpler and more convenient.”

– Laurie Fiore, HIM Director at NCH Healthcare System

“When you have a Healthcare system as big as ours, it takes a long time to make decisions. But Verisma is always there for us. They didn’t implement their technology and forget about us. Whether we need more training, clarification, or need our questions answered, Verisma is there to offer whatever help we need. Their analytics have been especially helpful in allowing us to see outcomes, communicate internally and show our executive team the value behind this partnership.”

— Pat Russell, RHIA, Associate Director HIM, Cone Health

“For our healthcare system, a successful ROI vendor is a vendor with great customer service. That’s Verisma. Their partnership makes it easier to manage my department. They understand my job, they care about what I care about, and they have technology that makes my every day easier.”

— Shaunna Ellison, RHIA, CHCO
Director, HIM & Privacy Officer at CentraState Healthcare System

“For us, a successful vendor relationship means working with someone who understands the needs of the hospital and the patient experience. Verisma has great customer service and great perspectives on the patient experience. That is an essential part of our great partnership.”

— Corporate HIM Director Northeast

“I feel like we can accomplish more as a healthcare system with Verisma as a partner.”

— HIM Director

“Verisma didn’t skip a beat when it came to ROI during COVID-19. They adapted very quickly, and their customer service skills made sure our workflow wasn’t disrupted.”

— HIM Director

“Our team was very comfortable moving ROI off-site because we knew we could count on Verisma to adapt quickly.”

— HIM Director

“Verisma analytics are awesome. We can run a report on anything we want to see for any time frame. It’s quick, and we get the information we need to satisfy our executives.”

— From an HIM Director in the Southeast

“Verisma’s HIPAA quality assurance checkpoints are great. Being in-house, we love them because it saves us time knowing our work is going to be checked by another set of eyes. We know we’re releasing the correct information to the correct requestor and the correct patient.”

— HIM Director

“Verisma has always been very transparent with us. They are collaborative, easy to communicate with, and we trust them as our partner. We love that we can focus on HIPAA guidance and let them handle the back-end of billing and collections.”

— Assistant HIM Director

“As you know, there are many vendors and consultants out there looking to align and collaborate with your CSA to provide virtual education sessions. Difficult sifting through all the emails and the promises and claims therein! Well, CtHIMA has been exceedingly pleased with our decision to work with Verisma to provide timely and meaningful education to our members! The operation has been seamless, with Verisma handling all of the technical requirements along with providing a wide variety of topics of current interest! Best of all, their speakers are highly prominent and active in the areas on which they speak. Feedback from our membership too has been tremendously positive. Could not recommend enough!”

— James Donaher, RHIA, CDIP, CCS, CCS-P, President CtHIMA

“During a time that KHIMA doesn’t have the option to meet with its membership in person to provide educational sessions, Verisma continues to make continuing education opportunities available for KHIMA. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the KHIMA Annual Meeting was postponed until September. However, KHIMA wanted its members to be able to obtain CEUs now and not later. The Verisma webinars are timely, relevant, and very educational. KHIMA appreciates the support that Verisma has been able to provide HIM professionals throughout Kentucky. We look forward to continuing to work with Verisma in the future!

— KHIMA Board

“Verisma diligently worked to provide our state membership of over 500 people with continuing education units for our NMHIMA 2020 Annual Conference. Due to COVID-19, we were unable to host this event live, and Verisma worked assiduously to create a webpage for our members and supplied the majority of the continuing education for our virtual conference. We truly appreciate the support they have provided to the health information professionals in the state of New Mexico. Our virtual conference was a success because of Verisma! Their professional execution of the educational content was more than what we could have ever asked for. We thank you Verisma for providing an outstanding virtual conference for our members!”

— New Mexico Health Information Management Association

“The best thing about working with Verisma is how well they understand me. They know who I am, what I’m about, what my needs are, and how to help me reach my organization’s goals. They’re easy to talk to, and I have loved working with them as much as getting to know them over the years.”

– Lauren Zuckerman, Corporate HIM Director at Garnet Health

“GHIMA values our corporate partnership with Verisma. The Verisma team is not only very professional and supports GHIMA financially to achieve its mission and strategic goals but went above and beyond to offer relevant and quality online education when virtual was the only option during the pandemic. The Verisma team continually reached out to make sure they were meeting our association member needs during this challenging time, but also offered many types of support and encouragement with a smile and some much-needed laughter along the way. Thanks Verisma!”

– Stephanie Mercer, RHIT, CCDS, CCS
GHIMA President

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