Verisma Referral Management

Protect Patient Continuity of Care

In today’s intricate healthcare ecosystem, referrals play a pivotal role in maintaining uninterrupted patient care. Unfortunately, too often patients fail to follow up on recommended treatment, appointments are missed, providers lack resources to drive the process forward, and revenue loss leads to fewer opportunities for expanding patient care.

Verisma referral management workflows offer a new approach for providers seeking to enhance patient experience, improve staff efficiency, and safeguard revenue.

Standardized, well-documented procedures managed by Verisma, a trusted partner in HIM solutions, eliminate providers’ administrative burden while ensuring the highest standards in data security and patient protection.

Verisma’s Comprehensive Incoming and Outgoing Referral Management Services Include:

Insurance Eligibility Verification: Eliminate insurance-related administrative burden. Verisma handles the intricate process of insurance eligibility verification, ensuring patients have coverage.

Authorization Acquisition: Verisma expertly navigates the authorization process to secure necessary approvals so providers can focus on what matters most – delivering the best patient care.

Retrieval of Outstanding Consults: Verisma diligently tracks outstanding consults, eliminating gaps in patient care and leaving no referral forgotten.

Referral Management

Specialty Network Management: (outgoing referrals only) Verisma assists in maintaining providers’ specialty network, ensuring patients are referred to specialists that are in-network, geographically convenient, and available within a reasonable timeframe for patients.

Scheduling Appointments: Simplify the process for both staff and patients. Verisma schedules appointments following our clients’ standards and preferences, guaranteeing patients receive timely and attentive care.

Management of Outgoing Results: Verisma oversees the transmission of all results for incoming referrals, directing them to the referring provider.

Reporting: Verisma leverages our partners’ electronic medical records to streamline HRSA reporting, eliminating the need to gather data from multiple sources (such as retrieval of outstanding consults).

Verisma Outgoing referral process

Outgoing Referral Management Process

Say Goodbye to hiring, training, and managing staff

A partnership with Verisma means access to an experienced health information management team with built-in staff redundancies, internal audit layers, and compliance resources. We never call in sick, show up late, or need re-training.