Changing the future of disclosure management by putting people first

At Verisma, everything we create is informed by our clients’ desire to protect their patients. The demand for patient information has grown and evolved over the years, and our ability to listen to our clients’ changing concerns has helped us create solutions that adapt alongside them. We understand that you don’t just need a better solution for today; you need a partner with a vision for the future. Explore how we are solving many of the challenges you face every day when releasing patient information across your enterprise.

Release of Information Solutions


Understanding what keeps you up at night allows us to design technology that functions the way you need.

The patient matters most.

One of the most important objectives of any healthcare system is to ensure a great patient experience. Whether they’re choosing a care plan, interacting with staff or securing timely appointments, the patient experience is vital to a healthcare organization’s success. That means you need a partner whose comprehensive vision includes ongoing solutions designed with patients in mind.

VRA was designed with patients in mind.

Our Verisma Request App™ (VRA) is a self-service online request solution that provides convenience and security for patients or any other kind of requester. Now successfully live at several leading healthcare institutions, VRA gives providers an additional tool for improving patient satisfaction by making the medical records request process available 24/7 from any web-based device, from anywhere

Accuracy is critical to success.

If you want a strong, enterprise-wide compliance program, you need accuracy—accuracy regarding which records are disclosed and who’s disclosing the records. Unfortunately, a process reliant solely on people without the proper tools to track their activity or that can provide clarity into exactly what information they are releasing leads to increased error risk, potential legal jeopardy, and possible harm to your patients.

Transparent technology means fewer chances for error.

At Verisma, creating solutions that can effectively centralize the release process across an enterprise with powerful accuracy and accountability controls significantly reduces the chance for errors while providing complete visibility to every request.

Turnaround Time can be tight.

A consistent and timely record request turn-around-time is critical to maintaining the satisfaction of your patients and to the overall integrity of your ROI process. Yet, turn-around-times have always been a persistent challenge for providers as a result of continually increasing record request volumes, lack of good technology workflow tools, poor vendor support, etc. Now, the HIPAA Privacy Rule Modifications proposal includes reducing turn-around times for patients and patients’ personal representatives from 30 days to 15 days, putting a greater strain on providers.

Our technology assures timeliness.

At Verisma, we have developed the most innovative solutions in the industry to help ensure timely record request processing consisting of intelligent technology, proactive management, and best-in-class workflow designs. We’ve designed solutions to help improve your turn-around time and adapt for these new HIPAA changes as seamlessly as possible.

Audit requests lack transparency.

There are several challenges providers face regarding today’s payer audit requests: How to manage the activity with limited insight and approval process, the reactive nature of various audits being received throughout the year, and the lack of release details and status tracking.

Track all activity with total transparency.

Our Verisma Audit Support Solution starts with understanding the nature of each requesting organization. Our relationships have helped us develop the most innovative solutions in the industry, ensuring timely record request processing consisting of intelligent technology, proactive management, and best-in-class workflow designs

Our difference is in the details

We value our client partnership above all.

Less than 0.001% risk of wrongful disclosure

Solutions that can help reduce ROI support costs by up to 30%

Consistent turnaround times under 5 days

Our technology is designed for tomorrow’s challenges.

The industry’s first ROI automation system

100% visibility to all record release activity

Our expertise gives clients the edge.

Leading ROI workflow experts

High percentage of HIM credentialed employees

Top HIM professional leadership

Deep technology development experience

Comprehensive security / compliance experience