Inbound Document Management

Fast and Accurate. You Shouldn’t have to choose.

Filing incoming documents is a crucial and ongoing task for every medical practice. It impacts patient care, provider satisfaction, standard procedures, staffing, and more. Verisma’s inbound document management services process, index, and file incoming documents to patients’ electronic health records, allowing providers to focus on patient care.

Our expert staff customizes workflows to meet the needs of each organization with centralized procedures that maximize efficiency. With same-day turnaround time, vital information is available at the time of care and backlogs are eliminated. Verisma’s approach is simple and straightforward with dedication to the highest standards in data security and patient protection.

With Verisma, You Can:

  • Leverage HIPAA-certified experts to implement standardized, proven processes.
  • Reduce turnaround time with a team that works continuously and never calls in sick.
  • Attain the quality reporting metrics needed for reimbursements with information entered as structured data.
  • Improve provider satisfaction when documents are in the right place at the right time.
  • Gain insights into operational efficiency with reporting and productivity tracking.
“Through our partnership with Verisma, our needs are handled consistently, professionally, and correctly with little to no oversight required on our part. This is a luxury for me that few vendors provide.”
FQHC Director

How it Works

With a HIPAA-compliant remote network connection to your EHR, Verisma’s HIM professionals process documents from faxes, scanning inboxes, or any other incoming data feeds continuously throughout the day.

inbound document management

Protect Reimbursements

Incomplete patient charts can have a significant impact on providers’ patient ratings and reimbursement when quality of care is tied to incentive payments. Verisma’s inbound document management services deliver a more comprehensive and accurate view of a patient’s medical history, which supports:

  • More precise and effective care
  • Improved communication between facilities (avoid duplicative tests or treatment)
  • Maximized reimbursement through higher satisfaction scores and improved outcomes
  • Legal and ethical risk reduction
  • Data-driven decision-making

The Verisma Difference

Secure Access – Trust a connection designed with stringent security protocols and ongoing risk mitigation.
Experience That Matters – Get field-tested HIM solutions and technical know-how developed through years of industry experience.
True Partnership – Receive ongoing support, transparent communication and service optimization from your Verisma team.
Expertise You Can Trust – Leverage our workflow and EHR specialists for accurate results based on best practices, throughout any EHR platform changes and updates.
Reliable, Rapid Response – Enjoy unparalleled response times for HIM workloads. Access faxes and scans in hours with our inbound document management services.