The Verisma Culture

Want to be part of an exciting, fast-paced, performance-oriented company that has doubled in size over the last year? Join us. Our staff of leading HIM, technology, finance and sales professionals are passionate about their work and committed to fostering an environment that sparks innovation, collaboration and personal and professional development. We offer a range of benefits in support of our commitment to the health and well-being of our employees and their families.

WE Community

Our expertise may be rooted in disclosure management, but our experience is human at its core. That’s why it’s so important to us to foster a sense of shared community both internally and with our clients.
Verisma thanks all of the healthcare heroes we work with across the country.
Verisma Celebrates 2021 Core Values Winners

The Core Verisma Values

These are the guiding principles and beliefs that drive our daily actions and unite us as a company.


Embrace the opportunity to take smart actions for positive results


The unique ability to dynamically problem solve and bounce back from adversity


The quality of being honest, with strong principles, a creator of transparency


Developing and sharing high levels of skill and knowledge


A team orientation with shared goals, support during challenges and celebrations of success

It Takes Everyone
to Protect Truth and Accuracy

We are committed to a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
Humanity guides everything we do, and we believe each individual’s humanity and experiences are an important part of our culture, as well as our success. That’s why we’re committed to fostering, cultivating, and preserving a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. It takes all perspectives to best protect truth and accuracy, including differences in age, color, ethnicity, family status, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, language, physical/mental ability, etc.
Our commitment to diversity is central to our:
Hiring Practices / Policies
Compensation / Benefits
Professional Development / Training
Promotions / Transfers
Respectful Communication / Cooperation

Employee testimonials

Katrina Murray

“My career growth has been amazing! With over 15 years at Verisma, I started as an ROI Specialist and now I’m a Client Operations Director overseeing large health systems in the Mid-Atlantic region. I love the team, the technology and our clients. The feeling of appreciation you get from patients when you have helped them do more than just get their medical records is priceless.”

— Katrina Murray, Client Operations Director

Ryan Patrick

“I love working at Verisma because I get to work with amazing people every day who support one another and truly exemplify what it means to be a team. Verisma offers so many opportunities to build a career in a variety of areas, and they make it a priority to support their employees’ personal and professional growth. It’s a pleasure to come to work every day and play a role in a company that is paving the way for how patients access their health information.”

— Ryan Patrick, Privacy & Compliance Coordinator

Jennifer Mattes

“My role at Verisma has given me the opportunity to travel and make an impact at various client sites. I learn something new each day and have met some amazing people along the way, some of whom I now call family.”

Jennifer Mattes, ROI Specialist

Lauren Brush

“I began my career as an entry-level ROIS and now have grown into a management position. I’ve pretty much touched almost every single role at Verisma and have been able to watch us grow from an office of a couple dozen employees, to hundreds of employees with multiple offices around the country.”

— Lauren Brush, Training & Compliance Manager

Shawna Pace

“My growth at Verisma has been amazing these last four years. I started as a ROI Specialist and transitioned into the HR department as an HR Assistant. From there I moved to Compensation and Benefits Analyst before being promoted to HRIS/Benefits Administrator. I work with such a great team and it feels so great to be able to help and connect with everyone in the company. Verisma has truly helped me to develop professionally and grow within the company.”

– Shawna Pace, HRIS & Benefits Administrator

Missy Dixon

“Taking a chance almost 8 years ago with a company that I had not heard of has been one of the greatest adventures.  Starting out as an ROIS then moving up to a client manager has been a lot of hard work but a lot of fun as well.  The whole company is one big team that I am proud to be a part of.  I look forward to many more years of helping anyone I can and growing with a great company.”

– Missy Dixon, Manager, Client Operations

Alex Harman

“Working for Verisma has been an amazing experience, that I would not trade for anything! Verisma has provided me with many opportunities, from working on projects to improve our processes to mentoring colleagues on their path to success. The support system we have is like no other, everyone is willing to help each other so we succeed as one. I love our Verisma team and our clients!”

– Alex Harman, Director, Client Operations

John Dominici

“Verisma is an amazing company to work for as there is always an opportunity for career growth. With over 7 years at Verisma, I started as a Client Manager and now I’m a Client Operations Director overseeing large health systems in the Northeast. The clients and staff I work with have become family and the technology Verisma continues to create is impressive. I take satisfaction in my job each day with each patient I can help. I can’t wait to see what Verisma has in store next.”

– John Dominici, Director, Client Operations      

Beka Alemu

“Working for Verisma has been a great experience. I have worked here for over 5 years and every day is a new experience. I started as a Software QA Lead and now I am a Software QA Manager. The work culture helped me to learn and grow professionally. Working for Verisma has allowed me to find the rare mix of an appreciative culture, feeling valued as an asset, and the ability to work with talented, growth-minded people.”

– Beka Alemu, Manager, Software QA


“Working for Verisma has been quite the exciting journey. I joined in 2008 with an entry level role of Release of Information Specialist (ROIS) that allowed me to hit the road, visiting multiple clients weekly. About a year later I was approached to become the company’s first Business Analyst, where I had the opportunity to dive into our application and learn all the nuts and bolts of it. Around 2018, I was approached again to become a Product Manager and am now one of the Directors of Product Management. I really wasn’t sure what would be required of me in this position but with patient guidance from the CIO, I have been given the opportunity to dive into the product lifecycle and learn how an idea can be brought to life. Being involved with designing new technologies that help deliver truth and accuracy for patients nationwide has been the most rewarding part of my journey with Verisma.”

– Lindsey, Director, Product Management


“I love Verisma! Over the last few years, I have grown so much. I started as an ROI Specialist, then handled healthcare audits, was promoted to Supervisor and now I am the Core Bench Manager, where I get to oversee the top specialists in our company! I feel so valued as an employee of Verisma, and I have not only grown in my career but so has Verisma! From gaining many new client accounts to launching the new ROIS App, I believe the future is Verisma!”

– Leonjenea, Manager, Core Bench


“I enjoy working for Verisma. This company is the best company I have ever worked for. They have given me opportunity to grow within the company. I have been employed by Verisma for just over 4 years. I started as a Customer Service Tier 1 Agent and grew into a Customer Service Tier 3 Team Lead helping train new hires. In 2022, I transitioned to the Release of Information (ROI) department. The experience I got from Customer Service has helped me in my work in the ROI department. The leadership teams I have worked with listen and put forth the effort to help and make sure we and the clients are taken care of. We are one team with multiple departments working together to get requests processed and out the door. Come join our Verisma Team and make a difference!”

– Janelle, Release of Information (ROI) Specialist