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We are Protecting Truth and Accuracy.
We are Verisma.
We are Protecting
Truth and Accuracy.
We are Verisma.
We are
Truth and
We are
#1 ROI Vendor
Verisma Named
#1 ROI Vendor
By Black Book
We’re honored to be recognized by an organization that is working to ensure better satisfaction from healthcare vendors.
HiTrust Certified
Verisma’s technology platform is HITRUST certified.
Risk-Based 2-Year HiTrust Certified
Request App 2022
Verisma Request App®
100% of attorneys surveyed recommend the latest Verisma Request App® update to colleagues. Automate your attorney request process today.  
Pledge to Protect 2022
We pledge to protect. Do you?
We pledge to protect. Do you?
We pledge to protect. Do you?
When you take our Pledge to Protect truth and accuracy, we contribute $1 to the AHIMA Foundation. Together, we are working toward a better future for the HIM community.
Virtualizing ROI
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Solve for Today and Adapt for Tomorrow
We start with the process you currently have in place and give you the tools to help transform it in a way that will work for you tomorrow.
Testimonials from experts you can trust
Our clients’ level of satisfaction is a huge part of how we measure our success. We see it as our job to make their jobs easier.
Marty McKenna

We are protecting truth and accuracy. We are Verisma.

Our name was born from the Latin word for “truth,” and that truth is what guides every decision we make and every solution we present to our clients. From our technology to our people and our partnerships, we believe our purpose is to protect truth and accuracy.

Marty McKenna, Chief Executive Officer

We Are Working Together. As A Team And With Our Clients.

Our people are putting themselves at the front-line every day, working together to make sure we are protecting our clients’ patients. We work for them as much as we work for Verisma. 

Julia Applegate, SVP, Client Operations

Julia Applegate
Anupriypo Chakravarti

We Are Designing Innovative Technology. Technology That Functions For People First.

Built on more than 17 years of experience, we understand what matters most to you. Our patented, cloud-based platform is designed to inspire confidence with a future-forward vision that puts you two steps ahead.

Anupriyo Chakravarti, CIO and SVP, R&D

We Are Creating Solutions That Protect. Our Clients And Their Patients.

Together, we are working with our clients to uncover opportunities and design solutions that set them up for success. Our human-centered approach means a better experience for both our clients and their patients. 

Andy McManus, Founder and Executive VP

Andy McManus

Solving For Common Challenges

Verisma’s technology is designed to solve for the most common challenges we hear from our clients.