Patient-friendly And Attorney-approved Record Solutions From Verisma Request App®

Our Verisma Request App® (VRA) uses ground-breaking technology to provide a user-friendly, secure online solution to anyone requesting records. We have always provided patients with the convenience of online, self-service record ordering. Our latest technology enhancements extend that convenience to third-party attorney organizations. 100% of attorneys surveyed said they would recommend VRA to their colleagues, as they can now order, track, pay for, and receive requests wherever they are. We are committed to leading the health information industry with innovative technology that helps enhance convenience and requestor satisfaction.

Improve the Attorney Experience

  • Up to a 50% reduction in total request turn-around times with elimination of an antiquated manual record request workflow process
  • Up to a 30% reduction in record request processing costs associated with a traditional paper-driven process
  • Improved requestor satisfaction with ability to self-manage the entire experience online for all submitted record requests
  • Decreased risk to the healthcare organization with the elimination of common paper-driven request errors

“Verisma Request App® is very straightforward and easy. I love that I get a receipt confirmation.”

– Attorney from the Southeast

Keep Patients and Staff Protected

  • Provides patients with a safe, quick way to remotely order and retrieve their medical records
  • Protects your staff by reducing the need to support an onsite record request process
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