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Patients in the Spotlight

Observations about the changing nature of health information practice

Arriving for her mammogram, she is told that the radiologists will not read her digital mammography without the historical files. In following up, the staff at the “most wired” health system acknowledged that they had received the request, but the fax number didn’t work and they had called once to follow up but didn’t connect to a live person.

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No More ‘Business as Usual’

By: Linda Kloss The professional discipline of ROI has changed in the past two decades. Your job has changed. And, without a doubt, expectations around your performance have changed. Once, ROI was a narrow hospital-centric workflow that could be outsourced and...

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2021 Events

CtHIMA Annual Meeting
August 15-16
Rocky Hill, CT
September 20-22
WSHIMA Fall Institute
October 14
Seattle, WA
October 21-24
Myrtle Beach, SC