Are You Ready For New HIPAA ROI Timelines?

The HIPAA Privacy Rule Modifications proposal includes reducing ROI turn-around times for patients and patients’ personal representatives from 30 days to 15 days. Turn-around times have always been a persistent challenge for providers as a result of continually increasing record request volumes, lack of good technology workflow tools, inconsistent vendor support, etc. These new rules are sure to put an additional strain on health care systems.

Our technology assures timeliness.

At Verisma, we’ve designed innovative solutions to help improve your turn-around time and adapt for these new HIPAA changes as seamlessly as possible. Schedule a demo here.

Learn more about:

  • Inbox™, our automatic request intake process.
  • Analytics™, your visibility to multiple key performance indicators.
  • Verisma Request App™, our onsite, point-of-care request kiosks for record ordering.
  • EMR Interface, our bi-directional interface that can enhance existing ROI capabilities.
  • Bench, Our highly trained, cross-functional team available for instant deployment
  • Online Payment Flexibility, that eliminates manual payment reconciliation time
  • Flexible Delivery Methods, including secure downloads, FTP pushes and emails

“Our healthcare system has seen a steady increase in requests since the beginning of the year. Thanks to our partnership with Verisma and their strong technology platform, we’re able to process requests more efficiently, keeping to our service goal of 5-day average TATs.”

— HIM Director from the Midwest