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Your Bridge to Seamless EHR Migrations.

Comprehensive data migration from one EHR to another typically requires a significant degree of manual data entry and human decision-making. Inaccuracies or data omissions can have serious consequences, including jeopardizing patient safety and disrupting clinical workflows. Often, providers underestimate the intricacies of mapping data fields between EHR systems and meeting the legal and regulatory requirements during the transition.

Verisma makes managing health information easier while adhering to the highest standards in data security and patient protection. Our comprehensive chart migration services encompass everything from meticulous project planning and process development to data structuring and rigorous field auditing, all aimed at ensuring a seamless transition to a new EHR system.

With Verisma, You Can Expect:

  • Precision: Our team verifies data accuracy through quality audits, safeguarding patient data integrity.
  • Efficiency: Verisma streamlines processes, saving clinical staff time and reducing frustration.
  • Enhanced Care: Critical data availability empowers better patient care.
  • EHR Adoption: Complete data access accelerates new EHR adoption.
  • Happier Patients: Keep providers’ schedules on track and reduce patient wait times for a better experience.
“During our 10 years [with Verisma], we have had great service, support, and continuing education. I am always so impressed by their communication.”
HIM Manager

Say Goodbye to hiring, training, and managing chart prepping staff

A partnership with Verisma means access to an experienced health information management team with built-in staff redundancies, internal audit layers, and compliance resources. We never call in sick, show up late, or need re-training.

How it Works

Our process is custom-tailored to meet the specific requirements of each provider. These requirements are identified during implementation and outlined within a clearly defined scope of work.

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The Verisma Difference

Secure Access – Trust a connection designed with stringent security protocols and ongoing risk mitigation.
Experience That Matters – Get field-tested HIM solutions and technical know-how developed through years of industry experience.
True Partnership – Receive ongoing support, transparent communication and service optimization from your Verisma team.
Expertise You Can Trust – Leverage our workflow and EHR specialists for accurate results based on best practices, throughout any EHR platform changes and updates.
Reliable, Rapid Response – Enjoy unparalleled response times for HIM workloads. Access faxes and scans in hours with our inbound document management services.