Date: March 19th, 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EST


Jim Staley, CISSP
Chief Information Security Officer, Chief Compliance Officer   

Linda Kloss, MA, RHIA
Regulatory Policy Leader, Disclosure Management

Marcy Caudill
VP, Client Operations

Information Integrity is the dependability or trustworthiness of information.  Releasing protected health record and other high value information for continuity of care, patient engagement, payment and other purposes carries special obligations to ensure that the information is dependable and trustworthy.  But what do you know about the integrity of the information being released?  What controls are in place to identify integrity issues?  What standards are you using to monitor and manage information integrity?  If your release of information function is outsourced, how do you  really know whether the QA protocols in place are rigorous and reliable?

In this Verisma thought leadership webinar, release of information (R-o-I) integrity challenges are highlighted in the areas of content, process, and system.  The risks associated with these challenges are discussed.  A Release of Information Integrity Framework (ROII) is presented consisting of practical strategies for reducing risks while improving integrity. The ROII Framework lays out risk-based content, process, and system controls that should be in place, and key productivity and quality measures that you can use to apply the Framework.

Whether R-o-I is done in-house, outsourced or a combination, information integrity measures and measurement are essential tools.  Demonstrating the integrity of the R-o-I work performed is as important as its productivity.  This webinar will arm you with the essential concepts and means to check the adequacy of your current approaches.

The learning objectives for the webinar are to:

  1. Lay out the information integrity concerns relating to release of information functions
  2. Identify key monitors, measures, and controls that can help to mitigate integrity problems
  3. Offer a framework for systematic Release of Information Integrity management
  4. Suggest short term actions that participants can take to improve information integrity and reduce risk associated with release of information

Pre-Approved for 1 AHIMA CEU Credit for Management Development