New solution flags predefined patients, transactions early in disclosure management workflow to help organizations manage high-risk requests efficiently and effectively


ALEXANDRIA, VA. – Oct. 4, 2017 – Verisma Systems, Inc., announced the launch of a new product, Spotlight, designed to help clients respond effectively to requests for protected health information that might pose a risk to their organizations.

Disclosure management is a sensitive process under any circumstance. But specific requestors or transactions – such as court-ordered subpoenas, VIP requests, and those made by irate patients or families engaged in child custody proceedings – may carry additional risk. Spotlight utilizes organization-determined rules and conditions to automatically flag these requests, alerting appropriate staff and triggering cross-departmental checklists to ensure the requests are processed correctly.

“Health information management leaders tell us 90% of the sleep they lose can be traced back to a mere 10% of the requests their teams handle,” says Marty McKenna, CEO of Verisma. “We’ve designed Spotlight to virtually eliminate those sleepless nights. We identify potentially risky requests almost as soon as they are made so they can be handled appropriately before it’s too late.”

Spotlight automatically identifies requests based on criteria such as specific request reasons, requestors and days-until-date-due. Flags may also be activated manually. Leaders can add an editable protocol checklist, which documents steps completed and by whom, with a date/time stamp. Spotlight auto-generates management reports of all flagged transactions, and integrates with Verisma’s User Tasks & Notification feature to ensure all appropriate personnel are aware and involved.

Phase 1 deployment of Verisma Spotlight will focus on two categories of high-risk disclosure management clients have identified as their greatest challenges:

  1. Court-ordered subpoenas for information, which often represent tight turnaround times where lack of compliance could result in contempt-of-court charges and associated penalties;
  2. Attorneys who have become known as “high maintenance,” and require special attention to avoid disruption in normal workflow or threat of a lawsuit.

“Every HIM director I know struggles with these high-risk requests,” says Linda Kloss, MA, RHIA, FAHIMA, president of Kloss Strategic Advisors and former CEO of AHIMA. “If we don’t identify them early enough in the process, they create a lot of headaches and can damage the organization. A tool to help us get ahead of these requests is worth its weight in gold.”

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