Verisma Audit Request Support

Verisma has a dedicated centralized department solely focused on the full life cycle of audit requests. Verisma coordinates the intake, pricing negotiations, invoicing, production planning, release, collections, and reporting steps of the audit request process.


You will get a single point of contact at Verisma that coordinates all audit requests and manages them through their full life cycle.

Your Verisma Audit Coordinator carefully reviews all request packets upon receipt providing you complete control over what is being requested and what patient records will be included with each audit.

Your Verisma Audit Coordinator will then retrieve a secure electronic file from the requester and upload the pull list into the Verisma cloud-based release management platform for review and processing; eliminating the need to data enter individual requests and limiting the cost of labor and improving the overall audit request turn-around-time.

Price Negotiation & Invoicing

Verisma has negotiated pricing in place with many national and regional 3rd party retrieval companies and health plans.

Before work begins, your Verisma Audit Coordinator will have confirmed the negotiated pricing already in place with the requestor, or if no set pricing is in place, work with the requestor to agree on pricing before work begins. Verisma’s large network allows for pricing power to help ensure you get the proper compensation.

Our comprehensive solution provides the flexibility to provide records either prior to payment or after the payment has been received based on an individual payer’s payment activity history or based on the request urgency or your specific audit release policies. We will never jeopardize reimbursement or put the client at risk with requests that may have a financial impact for the organization.

Production Planning

Your dedicated Verisma Audit Coordinator tracks all deadlines, sets weekly production goals for Verisma Audit processors, and monitors all progress towards these goals. This allows for quick analysis and reallocation of resources to ensure deadlines are met.

When large audit requests are accompanied with short delivery deadlines, Verisma’s dedicated audit team is your partner every step of the way to ensure every deadline is met.

If you prefer to process your audit requests with your own team, the Verisma Audit department can assist you with the intake management, negotiations, and production planning steps of each audit request. As well, the Verisma Bench staffing and support is available when you need additional resources to supplement your existing team, ensuring workflow consistency when faced with volume fluctuations, tight deadlines, or when you incur staffing vacancies.

Record Distribution

Verisma has secure electronic transfer links set up with many of the major retrieval companies as well as the Health Plans themselves. Delivering records electronically allows for a faster, more secure fulfilment of requests.

Our electronic transfer options can accommodate any unique requestor upload requirement.


Your Verisma Audit team will manage the full life cycle of your audits including collections, supported by the many direct relationships it has with requestor accounting departments.

Your Verisma Audit team will take on the maze of requirements and hurdles often associated with the requestor payment process.

Verisma collections rates with our centralized audit process are as high as 95%.

Reporting & Forecasting

Verisma offers exceptional transparency for everything related to the release of your patient records. This includes monthly reports on audit volumes for your entire enterprise or for your individual locations that can be summarized by audit Type, by Requestor, and by associated Health Plans. In addition to the Verisma reports, the Verisma Analytics application, with the ability to create customized views, will provides critical feedback on all aspects of the audit request process, 24/7.

In addition to reporting on what has happened, Verisma can help you forecast future audit request loads for the upcoming Audit season, ensuring proper resource planning ahead of the volume.