A computer monitor displaying a screen of the Verisma Release Manager software

A modernized workflow that functions for people first

At Verisma, our number one initiative is building innovative technology that continually enhances the entire information release process. That’s why Verisma Release Manager® (VRM) has been optimized to be you-friendly, meaning every feature and function of our platform is driven by an insight on how we could better serve you. This is healthcare technology at its best—this is you-friendly technology from Verisma.

Smoother Intake Process

  • Significantly reduces request processing errors while cutting overall request processing time by up to 50%
  • Gives greater real-time visibility to all record requests across entire health enterprise

New time-saving workflow queue management system

  • Tracks priority requests through a first-in/first-out production best practice using a first-of-its-kind automated workflow queue management engine
  • Assigns specific request types, like subpoenas, to specialists to ensure the more sensitive requests are processed correctly every time

Eliminating legacy record retrieval risks

  • Decreases processing times and workflow errors by embedding release policies and procedures along with an automatic retrieval protocol guide unique to your record sources and scenarios

Proprietary QA tools to enhance compliance

  • The Verisma Technology Assisted Review™ engine flags key sensitive areas for additional review
  • Verisma Spotlight™ is a customizable workflow rules engine that ensures proper handling of more sensitive requests

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