Verisma Claims Audit Manager Launches as an End-to-End Release of Information and Audit Management Platform Designed to Protect Revenue Integrity

Verisma Claims Audit Manager Launches as an End-to-End Release of Information and Audit Management Platform Designed to Protect Revenue Integrity

Verisma® announces this latest innovation in collaboration with Office Ally.

Verisma, a leader in health information management (HIM) solutions that simplify release of information (ROI) and compliance complexities, is proud to announce its latest innovation, Verisma Claims Audit Manager (VCAM). Developed in collaboration with Office Ally, a distinguished healthcare technology provider with expertise in revenue cycle support, VCAM revolutionizes the audit and appeal process with advanced automation and analytics, creating a single source of truth to manage and protect reimbursement dollars.

While the timely response to payer audits remains critical, navigating the complexities of Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial audits poses an ever-increasing challenge. Coordinating medical record requests, document submissions, denials, appeals, reporting, and financial adjustments strains providers’ internal resources. Even so, the responsibility to ensure release of information is compliant and secure is non-negotiable.

Leveraging Office Ally’s mature and market-tested audit technology and infusing it with Verisma’s ROI, compliance, and workflow expertise, VCAM presents a holistic answer to pressing industry needs. This expansion of Verisma’s award-winning solutions bridges the gap between HIM and business office, streamlining processes and fostering data connectivity across the enterprise. As a result, providers stand to gain several advantages:

Enhanced Communication: Prevent the risk of communication and audit details getting lost in the maze between audit departments and HIM groups.

Increased Productivity: Eliminate the need for duplicate documentation of record releases, freeing up valuable time and resources.

Insightful Analytics: Gain real-time visibility into denial statuses, including amounts at risk or waiting for appeals. Identify and address enterprise-wide trends such as certain DRGs or release of information specialists affecting revenue loss.

Simplified Vendor Management: Reduce the complexity of managing multiple vendors and build a trusted strategic partnership.

Verisma’s CEO, Marty McKenna stated, “The launch of Verisma Claims Audit Manager represents a monumental step forward in audit management and revenue integrity. This collaboration with Office Ally showcases our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that truly address the evolving needs of the healthcare industry.”

Office Ally’s CEO, Chris Hart, shared, “We are excited to partner with Verisma to bring VCAM to the market. The combination of Office Ally’s revenue cycle expertise and Verisma’s HIM proficiency creates an unparalleled offering that empowers healthcare leaders to streamline their operations and drive financial success.”

Verisma Claims Audit Manager reflects the joint commitment of Verisma and Office Ally in reshaping the health information management landscape and is Verisma’s first product announcement since its recent merger with ScanSTAT Technologies. VCAM product demonstrations will debut at the AHIMA Global Conference, October 8-10 in Baltimore, MD at the Verisma booth, #317

Verisma Launches Academy for Disclosure Management Mastery

Verisma Launches Academy for Disclosure Management Mastery

Alexandria, VA, February 18, 2023 – Verisma, a leading provider of release of information and disclosure management solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of Verisma Academy, an educational program designed to advance excellence in release of information (ROI) through disclosure management mastery.

Once buried in paper charts, health information management (HIM) professionals now sit at the intersection of technology, patient/requestor experience, compliance, and revenue retention. ROI is part of this larger ecosystem we call disclosure management.

Navigating disclosure complexity is a challenge. Many professionals are heads-down in the operations of their own facility and struggle to stay up-to-date on external factors like regulation changes, cyber security threats, and hybrid workforce management. Siloed processes miss the big-picture impact on patient experience and the goals of the entire health system.

Verisma Academy offers the education and expertise to address these challenges. Standards of excellence in disclosure management will be taught by thought leaders from healthcare organizations, government agencies, and Verisma team members with decades of experience providing HIM solutions across the country.

Free enrollment in the academy includes live webinars, master classes, and on-demand courses, many of which are eligible for continuing education units (CEUs) through the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). State AHIMA chapters with the most enrollees will receive a $500 scholarship from Verisma to promote the future of HIM in their local area.

“We believe education is key to elevating the profession of health information management and advancing the industry as a whole,” said Marty McKenna, CEO of Verisma. “We envision Verisma Academy as a platform for sharing knowledge and fostering collaboration among professionals in the field, and we are excited to see the impact it will have on the HIM community.”

For more information and to enroll in Verisma Academy, visit

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Delinda Tinkey

Black Book Names Verisma #1 in Release of Information Third Year in a Row

Black Book Names Verisma #1 in Release of Information Third Year in a Row

WASHINGTON, D.C., November 16, 2022 – For the third year in a row, Black BookTM Market Research ranked Verisma as the #1 vendor in Release of Information. After surveying users of ROI technology and services across the country, Verisma scored highest in 11 of the 18 data points measured. These include:

  • Strategic alignment of client goals including VBC HIE ONC
  • Innovation & optimization
  • Training
  • Client relationships and cultural fit
  • Trust, accountability, transparency, ethics
  • Deployment and implementation
  • Integration and interfaces
  • Reliability, consistency
  • Marginal value adds and modules
  • Support and customer care
  • Best of breed technology and process improvement

Black Book’s unique research methodology focuses on front-end users of technology and services vs. executives who are more likely to have made the selection and purchase decisions of the vendors.

“As the Black Book information shows, our relationship with clients is our top priority,” said Verisma co-founder Andy McManus. “We have no way of telling who takes surveys like these, but our consistently high rank in a variety of measures three years in a row shows these are universal sentiments across our client base. It’s an honor to see this acknowledgement in the strength of our relationships and the solutions we provide.”

Full rankings for Release of Information Services & PHI Disclosure Management Solutions can be viewed at Black Book™ Announces Top Client-Rated Coding, Transcription, Clinical Documentation Improvement and Clinical Information Management Software and Services Vendors 2022 (

About Verisma

With Verisma® services and technology, health information managers elevate their organization’s method of securely disclosing confidential information to patients, attorneys, and other third parties. Built on the principles of truth and accuracy, Verisma is a trusted partner in complying with changing regulations while reducing errors, turnaround time, and cost. Verisma HITRUST® certified technology integrates with existing EHRs and portals for advanced automation and transparency uniquely designed for release of information (ROI), self-serve request tracking, and audits. Flexible service models including full-service, technology-only, or a hybrid seamlessly blend Verisma’s end-to-end solution with the needs of existing staff. Our partnership is truly a promise to put patient protection first.

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